you want the coolest senior photos in town?  you’ve come to the right place!  here are some faq’s that may help you on your journey toward the best senior photos ever!

what do you mean when you say “keepin’ it real”?
  • i mean let’s not be fake!  each senior is different and it’s my goal to showcase what makes you special…real!  anyone can take a picture of you, but is it really you?  i’m not here to just capture what you look like, i’m here to capture who you are.
what’s a session like?
  • sessions are like nothing you’re used to and everything you want.  laid back, easy, upbeat are some of the words used to describe sessions.  want a glimpse into a big shots session?  view a rockin’ video session right here.
  • we’ll meet at our first location or i can even pick you up and we can drive around together.

how will i know you understand what i’m hoping for?

  • we will talk on the phone during our senior consultation phone call.  it is an important part of getting to know you and working out the details of what you like and dislike, where you will be photographed, what you will be wearing, etc.
  • make sure you fill out the senior information form.  be as detailed as possible.
where will my session be held?
  • wherever you want! the city is my studio!  i choose not to have a studio because i love shooting in different places. it gives you the opportunity to go places you like or want to try. do you really want your pictures to look like everyone else’s?  when you go to a studio, that’s what you’ll get.   we can go as far as downtown or as close by as your home.

how do i choose a location?

first, decide or get an idea of the type of session you want. we can hold a session pretty much anywhere.  tell me about the feel you want your images to have and i can give you some ideas. i’m open to trying new places. no matter what category you choose, I have lots of suggestions and many go-to spots that make beautiful settings for your images. typically sessions fall into one or a combination of the categories listed below

  • urban-i love weaving the vibe of cincinnati into senior photo sessions for those seniors who want their images to have a funky, hip flare. we can do sophisticated urban or an urban session with a more grungy feel.  either way think texture, color, and architecture.
  • natural- cincinnati has amazing parks and such a unique blend of natural settings. an open field with a brilliant blue sky, a patch of wildflowers, lush parks with green grass all make great locations for a photo session.
  • i’m not tied to only those types of locations.  pretty much any place you want to go is ok by me.
do you have an office?
  • i do have a home office where we will meet to select your images, see samples, and pick up your order. you can even stop by just to say hi if you want.

what should i do to prepare for my session?

  • i have some suggestions but there are no “shoulds”!   get super psyched if you aren’t already.  this is going to be FUN!
  • prepare your outfits and anything else you think will be cool for your senior session.  you DO NOT have to go on a shopping spree (unless you want to).  senior photos are about showcasing who you really are, so, most likely, the stuff you already have represents the true you.
  • bring anything and everything you think you may want.  you can always choose to NOT use something but once we’re out, you can’t get that favorite pair of shoes you left at home.   i always suggest an extra outfit or two in case there is a wardrobe malfunction or other fashion disaster.
  • make sure to bring your clothes on hangers because wrinkles will show up on your portraits.  a quick once over with an iron is recommended.
  • your fingernails and even toenails will show in your pictures, so be sure to have them neat and clean.
  • don’t stress over a breakout right before your session.  all of your finished portraits can be retouched at no additional cost.

what can i do to enhance my session?

  • accessorize!  below you will find a list of accessories just to spark your creativity and get you thinking. don’t feel limited to these things though.  think out of the box and come up with ideas that feel like you.  i had a girl who brought books because she loved to read, a boy sang and played his guitar and a senior who even brought her own chair!  accessories add interest and we can change a look quickly by adding/removing them.  some accessories that have been used in the past are:
    • sunglasses
    • hats
    • scarves
    • skateboard
    • umbrellas
    • shoes
    • jewelry
    • belts
    • snowboard
    • the most important accessory that you can bring to your session is your awesome personality.  let it shine!
  • for the ladies:
    • decide on the look you’re going for and style your hair and makeup accordingly.  don’t be afraid to do something a little daring.  have fun with this!  just remember, if you want to try something new, it’s best to do a trial run before our session to make sure that’s the look you want.
    • if you want to wear your hair up and down during the session, i suggest starting with it down so that it doesn’t get messy after you put it up.
    • be sure to bring a bag of cosmetics and toiletries for touch ups.  the basics I suggest are lipstick, pressed powder and a brush.  you know you best so you’ll know if you need more than the basics.
    • if you want a subtle look for some images and a more dramatic look for others, start with subtle and build on from there.
  • load up your ipod with great music. i have a portable ipod speaker that we’ll bring with us to help set the mood and help you cut loose!
  • please plan on arriving at least 10 minutes before your appointment. we don’t want to risk the sun getting too bright for our morning sessions or going down during your session when we are shooting late in the day.
other studios have so many rules and restrictions.  what about big shots?  can I really bring my friends?
  • glad you asked!  few rules here!  bring as many friends as you want to the cool locations you choose wearing whatever you want listening to your favorite music.  it’s all about you.
if i’m bringing my friends, can we split a session?

  • nope.  your session is about you.  i’ll take lots of great shots of you and your friends, which all of you can order, but only solo shots of you.  after seeing all the fun we have, your friends will want to have a session of their own anyway!

i want my friends in some shots but not all of them.  what do i do about that?

  • if your friends don’t want to hang out while you have your session, have them meet us at the beginning or the end of the session.  that way, we can spend one-on-one time together and get the group shots too.

i’m all signed up for my session.  how do i choose from the many collections/packages?

  • don’t stress about this.  after years of shooting seniors, i have found that different families want different things.  each session has collections from which to choose.  you don’t have to nail down your exact collection until your ordering session takes place.

what’s an ordering session?

  • an ordering session is when we sit together at my home office to view your images and order your prints & products.
  • we will look at your options and go from there.  one reason we have an ordering session is so that i can help you through the process of choosing the images and products to get you exactly what you’re looking for.
  • so relax and get psyched for your shoot.  remember, you don’t have to choose your collection/package until we meet for the ordering session.

how long does the whole process take?  i’m so excited and i don’t think i can wait!

here’s a timeline for a typical session:

  • we book your session date & we will set an ordering session date.
  • if you choose a package that includes hair/makeup, i will make your appointment for you.
  • you talk to your friends to decide whom, if anyone, is coming along since the option of bringing friends along is included with each session.
  • i will call you a few days before the session to nail down all the details.
  • we have your amazing, fun, out-of-this-world photo session which will be 30 minutes-3 hours depending on which session you chose.
  • you return the blog interview form and get a sneak peek within a week of your session .
  • we will have your ordering session two weeks after your session where you will place your order.  images are posted online one day prior to the ordering session to allow family members who can’t attend the ordering session to give their input.
  • your order will be ready for you to pick up five weeks after your ordering session.
  • you get to enjoy the images and show them to everyone you know!
  • of course, things come up that may not be listed above.  Feel free to contact me at any time during the process with questions, comments or concerns.
what is the best way to keep up on all things big shots?  i don’t want to miss a thing!