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watch this video if you want to see what a big shots session is like. then you’ll know why big shots is THE place for senior photos.
what big shots is:

  • different
  • fun
  • modern
  • laid back
  • as-you-are photography

what big shots is not:

  • posey, posey
  • smiley, smiley
  • boring
  • a studio with backdrops or archways

big shots has exploded over the years as cincinnati’s hippest senior photography studio.  we are known for our colorful, magazine style, on- location sessions all over cincinnati. the city is our studio!  it’s fun for us to shoot in different places.  it gives you the opporunity to go places you like or want to try.  we can go as far as the ohio river or as close by as your house.  your personality will come through better au natural; without stiff posing and harsh lights.  i mean, why be confined by four walls and set poses?  let’s have some FUN!  just be you.  we’re all about keepin’ it real.

i know the best photos come when you are relaxed and comfortable.  what you will not hear is…”SAY CHEESE.”  what you will not see is someone rigidly posing you with hot lights or fake backdrops!

in a nutshell, big shots sessions are like nothing you’re used to and everything you want.  laid back, easy, upbeat are some of the words other seniors have used to describe sessions. just make sure you leave behind the idea that having your pictures taken is blah because I’m here to change all that!

this style of photography is not for everyone.  if you envision yourself propped up with a fake waterfall in the background, you should look elsewhere.  if you see yourself having fun, being who you are while having your picture taken then we’ll be a perfect match!