about big shots

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what big shots is:

  • different
  • fun
  • modern
  • laid back
  • as-you-are photography

what big shots is not:

  • posey, posey
  • smiley, smiley
  • boring
  • a studio with backdrops or archways

big shots has exploded over the years as cincinnati’s hippest photography studio.  we are known for our colorful, on- location sessions all over cincinnati. the city is my studio!

upon booking, we will come up with ideas to make sure we tell your story through imagery that captures who you are. i’ll provide plenty of information on location ideas, how to prepare, what to wear, etc, so don’t worry. be sure to see the faq’s for more details on sessions.  just make sure you leave behind the idea that having your pictures taken is blah because i’m here to change that!