where do I start?

well, you’ve already taken the first step cause you’re here! next, browse the blog and finally send me a contact form so i can get in touch with you to answer your questions and/or plan your session. ok now, sit back, relax and get excited to be a part of the big shots experience.

when should I schedule my session?

i typically book six to eight weeks out.  i fill up very quickly in the spring, summer and early fall.

what if i’m pregnant and want a newborn session but i’m not sure when the baby will be here?

just tell me your estimated due date and then I’ll schedule a tentative time for your session.  contact me as soon as you can after the baby is born and we will set a specific date from there.  i very much suggest and ask that newborn sessions are held within 10 days of birth. that’s when you’re going to get the most cooperation for all those adorable sleepy, squishy newborn poses. the MOST important thing, however, is to book your session as soon as you can WHILE you’re pregnant. if you’ve just found me and already had your baby but really want the big shots baby experience, contact me and I’ll try to get you in.

where will my session be held?
wherever you want! the city is my studio! i choose not to have a conventional studio because it gives you the freedom and opportunity to go places that truly capture the essence of you and/or your family. we can go as far as downtown or as close by as your home. tell me about the kind of feel you want to your images or let me know which images speak most to you on this blogsite and we can determine the best location for your session.
i do have a home office where we will meet to select your images, see samples, and pick up your order. you can even stop by just to say hi if you want.

how long will my session last?

most sessions last about one hour. Infants and newborns take longer (sometimes up to three hours) since there can be a lot of feedings & diaper changes. I don’t have a time limit but kids do. when they’re done…they are DONE! i take as much time as i need and as the kids will give me to give you the portraits you’ve been wanting and waiting for.

what about the cost?
the session fee starts at $125 and is paid by credit card upon booking your session. this session fee covers my time and talent and includes everything from our initial contact through to your ordering session. from coordinating your session day, to our adventures at the session itself, to the hours spent in my digital darkroom hand processing each image, the experience is customized just for you. when you invest in a session with me, you deserve my full focus and attention toward making sure you get the kind of images you have pictured in your heart and hopefully, a few extra surprises, too.

please contact me for a detailed price list.