bff sessions | cincinnati senior photographer


one of the most fun parts of my job as a photographer is working with amazing high school seniors.  even better is coming up with themed sessions!  this bff themed session was offered to my amazing class of 2015  models.  they could bring one or a whole gang of friends to document and preserve the special bonds friends have at this stage of high school.  time is fleeting, college comes and people go their separate ways.  these images will be treasured more and more as the years go by.  i know.  i’ve been there, done that.  having special images of me and my best friends brings back the best memories!

anyone, model or not, may have a bff session or a session with a theme as all or part of their senior experience.

for this bff session, the sky was the limit with themes.  some chose to go more traditional while others went with a more “anything goes” approach.  either way, i loved meeting lots of new seniors and shooting my models again!