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for our second creative session, we chose to do a gossip girl theme! this popular teen series was on the air for six seasons, just ending last year. fashion is very important on gossip girl so it was the perfect inspiration for a themed session! since the show takes place in new york city it was only fitting that we headed downtown to shoot this gossip girl inspired session.

our model, hannah did an amazing job channeling the upscale modern vibe of the show. she and kaitlin had fun reminiscing about some of their favorite aspects of the show including the characters love of headbands, eating lunch on the steps of the met, and constant checking of their cell phones. we tried to incorporate all these things into the photo shoot and had a great time doing it!


creative sessions are so much fun!  they’re sessions built on a concept or a theme.  over the break, some of the big shots model team members, kaitlin and i headed downtown to shoot this mad men inspired shoot.

this shoot was AWESOME.  as with mad men, the images convey a mysterious, dark mood.  the models were totally in character.  they researched their outfits, makeup, hair, etc. and it shows!

mad men is one of my favorite shows so for many reasons, i LOVED planning and shooting this session.  i’m so excited for you to see how it all came together!

i’ve had calls asking whether we are hiring an assistant.  i tell them, “no, we already have one”.  you may not even know that so, today i’m formally introducing kaitlin.  i’ve featured her on my facebook page a few times but over the course of the past year and a half have never had her on the blog.  omg!  where do i start?  kaitlin is among the best decisions i have made for bigshots EVER!  hiring an assistant can be a daunting task; weeding through applicants, meeting with them and trying to decide if they’d be a good fit.  it was something josh and i knew we needed to do so we set out on this journey and i’ve never looked back.

i thought kaitlin was a timid suburban girl until i got to know her better.  not that i’m a party animal, but i like to have fun and we do!  kaitlin is not only fun but thoughtful, hard-working, efficient, and dedicated.  and gorgeous!  have you seen the images of her on here?  ok…i’m going to sell her so much that someone is going to come in and sweep her away.  anyway, i think the best way for you to get to know kailtin is for her to tell you a little bit about herself.  i had her answer a few questions so…(drumroll) heeeeeres kaitlin:

favorite website:
favorite snack food: doritos or any kind of fruit
favorite candy: sour patch watermelons
favorite drink: ice tea lemonade
favorite clothing store: forever 21, tj maxx, dsw
favorite place in Cincinnati: hyde park, ault park, downtown
favorite thing in my closet: my dress collection or all my boots
favorite bands/artists: sara bareilles, radical face, fall out boy…I honestly like everything!
my dream job: being a photographer, like marla! learning from her is amazing. i love the marketing side of it.
my hobbies: photography, singing, playing guitar, hooping, hanging out with friends.
3 things you should know about me: i want to start a dog rescue, I have an amazing puppy named prince, and i’m obsessed with all things Disney.
what I’m insecure about in photographs: doing the “serious” look
my friends would describe me as: goofy, caring, and nice.

these shots were all taken in my home.  i wanted to try having a session like this and found i love using furniture and backdrops found in the home environment.