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it’s fun to watch babies grow throughout the first year and even beyond!  this little cutie was featured on the blog as a newborn back in may of last year.  here she is at five and nine months.  she’s one of the happiest babies i’ve ever worked with…always a smile on her face!  i can’t wait to see her at her one year session!

it’s amazing how she’s on her back and tummy and just a few short months later, she’s sitting up!


you can just feel the fun and love these two have for each other!  so glad i could capture who they are together at this stage.

it’s been a while since i last posted on the blog.  it’s not because i haven’t wanted to…it’s just that i’ve been happily busy planning for the class of 2014 model team meeting.  this year’s attendance was so great, we moved the meeting out of my home office and into one of the ballrooms at the crowne plaza hotel in blue ash.  what a great venue and an even greater bunch of juniors and their parents.  we had a lot of fun!  amy k even won an ipad mini!  i shared all the information about the program and had lots of people sign up.  i’ve had a model program for years now but this year is going to be the best by far!  i’m shaking things up and adding elements to the program to make it the most amazing in cincinnati!  we’ll be featuring all of the new model team members model sessions on the blog soon so keep your eyes open for those.