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oh my gosh!  it’s almost 2013 and i haven’t finished posting all of my awesome 2012 sessions!  i’ve already shot shoshana with her family so we knew each other but working one-on-one is a totally different experience.  i love hanging out and spending time capturing who seniors really are while it’s just the two of us.  turns out shoshana started at a new school this year, is going abroad next year and is already accepted to one of her top colleges!  i have a feeling she’s going to go far.  and as a bonus, she’s adorable too!  see for yourselves:

oh, i forgot to mention she plays guitar!

a true pleasure.  from start to finish, working with paige was delightful!  we had to reschedule once due to rain but look at the day we ended up with!  late november, warm weather with leaves still on the ground!  i think her images capture the lightness and fun spirit paige exudes.  and she’s beautiful to boot!

it’s 12.12.12 so i thought i had to tie my blog post into that somehow and i did!  isabella (the older sis in these pics) is 12 years old!  perfect!  i photographed her  last year for a mini session and also wayyyy back when i had my old blog.  so much has changed since then.  she’s now taller than i am (no jokes…there are people shorten than i!!!) and has the cutest little sis ever!  they’re adorable together as you can see.  i’m so glad i was able to capture them again.  seeing kids grow up in front of my lens is such an honor for me.


little lena

the whole fam damily!

so lucky to have each other!  (and lena’s too little to steal/borrow bella’s clothes!)

how much she’s changed from a pretty little girl to a gorgeous tween!

my favorite pics in this whole bunch!  right up there.

i love shooting boys who want to have fun at their senior session!  nikhil was a pleasure to work with as were his dog and friends.  he incorporated some things he loves into his session to make it more personal.  why not?  you can see how it all came together in the images below:


friends since they were babies!


My first name is: Sara
My dream job: Marine Biologist
My favorite music/artists: Maroon 5
My favorite movie (s) School of Rock

My favorite book (s) Sarah’s Key
My favorite website: Facebook
My favorite magazine: People

I have never… swam in the Pacific Ocean
If I had $1,000 I would… go to the Galapagos Island with my Mom

My favorite place to shop: The Loft
My favorite high school moment: Winning my soccer Senior Night game

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: she was super fun and made my first photo shoot really enjoyable