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My first name is: Olivia

My dream job: Editor of a high fashion magazine

My favorite music/artists: Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, and John Mayer

My favorite movie(s): Rock of Ages and Katy Perry

My favorite book(s): Glitter Baby, Water for Elephants, The Other Wes Moore

My favorite website: Twitter

My favorite magazine: Teen Vogue

My favorite place to shop: Forever 21 or TJMaxx

My favorite high school moment: Being able to dance with everyone I love at prom

I have never… taken a bite of seafood.

If I had $1,000 I would… save it but give some portion out to the homeless people in downtown Cincinnati.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because… Marla is fun! She not only incorporated exactly what I wanted into all of my pictures but made them adorable as well. Rather than having all of my pictures done in a studio that doesn’t necessarily capture my personality, I wanted something that would. I was so pleased to have been able to do my senior pictures at Ault Park, my favorite place ever. The on-location part about Big Shots is what really sold me, and it ended up an amazing choice!

wow!  this session was great for more than the usual reasons because i got to reconnect with an old friend.  it’s always special when a session has an added bonus feature like that!  we did a family session but just have the kids on here today.  i’ll have more with mom, sara, soon.  i have known sara for about twenty years!  seems like yesterday and forever all at the same time.  life got in the way of us seeing a lot of each other lately but she used to crack me up whenever we were together!  just one of those people who you want to be around.  now i got to know her kids better.  they’re awesome too!  they were game for anything and, as you can see, looked great doing it!  i’m so glad i got to capture a bit of the awesomeness that is this family.

kelly and i met at bianca’s session.  she had such a nice smile and a calmness about her then and again at her own session.  it’s who she is!  we met on what would be a very hot day but it was morning so we avoided the heat.  instead we enjoyed the pleasant surroundings of the park setting that kelly wanted as the backdrop for her images.  i’m so glad we reconnected and can’t wait to showcase more of her beautiful images soon!

My first name is: Chelsey
My dream job: Physical Therapist
My favorite music/artists: Daughtry, Lifehouse

My favorite movie (s) What A Girl Wants, She’s The Man
My favorite website: facebook

My favorite high school moment: Watching all the different senior halloweens and seeing what everybody dressed up as.
I have never… sky-dived, but I can’t wait until I have the chance to!
If I had $1,000 I would… Donate it to the cancer foundation help cure cancer!
I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: Marla made me feel really comfortable when I took my pictures, and she was so fun to talk to. The pictures she took of me really showed who I was and it could not have been any better of an experience!

this multi generational session was fun from the start.  i met with sheila and brian for the in-home consultation and knew we’d be a great match!  i even had a say in which outfits everyone would wear!  everything they’d picked out was lovely but i think the combination they ended up with was just right.  i so enjoy helping people have the best shoot possible that captures who they are and will do just about anything to make that happen.  when the actual day of the shoot came, everything fell into place and we had a blast, as you can see.

the different personalities of the kids shined through!

gorgeous couple alert!

so much love within this family.

so touching and tender.  reminds me of when my kids were little.  miss those snuggles.