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a little of this and a little of that…that’s what amara, with her GORGEOUS curls, got for her session in so many ways.  she wanted a location with river views and blend of hardscape and landscape.  there are so many cool areas within this one location!  she didn’t ask for but got a mixture of super scary clouds and amazing light!  it was just one of those weird summer nights that could’ve gone badly but didn’t!  we explored so many different areas which i’ve given you just a glimpse of in this post.  more to come for her “senior spotlight”.

this was our last shot and she looks as fresh faced as in the first.  great looks + great attitude= great images!

those curls…

ahhh…that’s what i feel like when i think back to linden’s session.  not only is she obviously gorgeous and the light perfect on the night of her session;  she is uber talented as well.  she played her guitar and sang while i snapped away.  it was a mini concert.  i actually videotaped it on my sophisticated  (lol) iphone but the crickets were too loud in the background when i replayed it so i can’t post it.  take it from me, you will see her on some stage somewhere someday!


we all need to spend more time in places like this.  it’s just such a head clearing view.

voice of an angel!

meet maddy!  she was so full of life.  i felt like she gave me every emotion and the camera just loved her!  as did i.  we had a great time making our way around the park.  it was hard to choose my favorites but i finally did…


the lighter side of maddy. strutting it on the “catwalk”!

i love when i get to photograph a maternity session.  there’s so much happiness and hope!  in this case, there was also a gorgeous family!  can you believe shelly was seven months pregnant when this photo was taken?  what a cute little baby bump!  the nursery is all ready and so are they.

so perfectly pregnant!


big sis bella!

daddy’s girl!

and a kiss for good luck…

My first name is: Stanford

My dream job: Sports Medicine

My favorite music/artists: Big Sean

My favorite movie (s): In Time

My favorite book (s): Hunger Games

My favorite website: Youtube

My favorite magazine: Sports Illustrated

My favorite high school moment: Prom

I have never… Been skydiving, which i would like to do.

If I had $1,000 I would… Spend a small amount but save the rest.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: I had a very fun time working with her. I really enjoyed how everything was very natural, which made me comfortable. I did not expect photo shoots to be like that which made it very fun!