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My first name is: Maddie

My dream job: Marine Biologist

My favorite music/artists: Mayday Parade, Brad Paisley, Blink 182, and Kenny Chesney

My favorite movie: Titanic

My favorite book: When my name was keoko

My favorite website:

My favorite magazine: seventeen

My favorite place to shop: Forever 21, Pacsun

My favorite high school moment: When Ursuline Volleyball won state in 09!

I have never… traveled to a different country

If I had $1,000 I would… Buy an Ipad, then blow the rest of a huge shopping spree

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: She is so easy to get along with, takes great pictures, and creates a comfortable and fun enviroment to get your very important senior pictures taken in.

grace is one of those rare seniors who doesn’t mind getting up and at ’em first thing in the morning-lol!  you’d never know it was early.  she was bright eyed and so cheery with a great fashion sense to boot!  here are a couple of my favorites that capture all of those things.  see for yourself!

this summer has brought me such joy!  i feel like i have the perfect mixture of babies, families and seniors.  i have so many sessions still to blog and shoot!  this session was such a nice combo of different aged girls.  we used an awesome ottoman and adorable furry kids chair from Best for Babies & Big Kids Too.  it was the perfect mix of cute props and kids that really let me capture the girls.  here are my faces from our session:

gorgeous eyes run in this family!  all three girls have them!

My first name is: J.R.
My dream job: Teacher
My favorite music/artists: Shinedown
My favorite movie (s) A Few Good Men

My favorite book (s) Harry Potter
My favorite website: You Tube
My favorite magazine: Sports Illustrated

My favorite high school moment: Best Witness in Mock Trial
I have never… Been Skydiving
If I had $1,000 I would… Buy a new laptop

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: She is so funny!

soooo much fun!  from start to finish this session was a blast.  kelsey and i were talking during her pre session phone consultation.  we talked about her clothes, location and then interests.  she told me that she really wants to be on the news as an anchor but maybe a weather person and that she is on the school newspaper.  we were so excited when we came up with the news themed idea! it was such a fantastic, fun and creative way to truly capture who kelsey is!  i loved collaborating to  make the session all about kelsey.  here are just two of my many favorites:

two weeks of saving newspapers, tape and hanging it all on a wall got us exactly the backdrop we were hoping for!

retro clothing with a retro phone “booth”. love.