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My first name is: Kelsey

My dream job: Broadcast Journalist for either the Today show or Good Morning America.

My favorite music: Rock and Roll for sure!

My favorite movie: Tommy Boy!

My favorite book:  Hunger Games Series

My favorite website:…So many funny videos!

My favorite magazine: People

My favorite place to shop: American Eagle.

My favorite high school moment: Any theater or journalism moments, my friends in my classes have really made my high school experience!

I have never… Drank soda!

If I had $1,000 I would… Probably save it to use for college, I have student loans I’m going to have to pay off!

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: She makes everything so fun, and she will make sure you leave the photo shoot feeling happy with how everything went. She really makes the shoot feel really personal and she has a wonderful eye! I have never felt like I have had a prettier photo taken of me!

i love when clients return to see me again for another session.  it means a lot that they like me and trust me to turn their moments into memories again.  i had the pleasure of shooting olivia’s senior portraits last year.  what a lovely session for such a lovely girl.  then, i got to meet her siblings a few weeks ago.  they got along so well i had to ask their mom, anne, what her secret was.  she didn’t really have one but she’s done something very right!  it made my job so much easier since they just had a good time being together.  i’m so happy  to be able to give them images they’ll cherish as the kids get older.  olivia leaves for college in the fall while the other two aren’t too far behind.  glad i could capture the “sibling love” while they’re all still home.

what a little stud muffin!  i like to refer to him as a “mini muffin”.  i can’t get over what a cutie mitchel is! i had the best time and i think he did too!  whether he was riding the trike lent to us from best for babies & big kids too or just hanging in the tree, mitchel was all smiles during our time together.  i loved capturing his fun loving, easy going spirit!

i absolutely love sessions that truly capture who someone is.  it can be something so simple as someone sitting in a flower bed or standing on the steps of an old building. i know i’m always saying “capturing who you are”, it’s my “tagline”, but i mean it.  it’s all about YOU!  in this case, it was all about olivia!  she and i had our pre-session phone consultation and the more she told me of her passions, the more we talked and came up with a session totally about her.   as you can see…she rocked it!

she’s been collecting these magazines for years!


remember when life was all about having a good time, eating treats and being with your friends?  i do!  and i wanted to capture that in a perfect setting.  what’s better than an old fashioned good time at an old fashioned amusement park?  coney island has so much to offer and we did it all!  just like the beach session, i wanted to capture these beautiful big shots models in a place that would bring back good memories of a carefree afternoon.  i’m offering destination sessions like these now for all of my clients whether you’re a senior or have a family.  if you’re interested, let me know.  either way, enjoy my favorite images capturing this fun-filled afternoon: