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i’ve known these two brothers since they were born but this was my first time photographing them.  we had a fun time together.  as you can see, they are full of personality and good looks!  watch out girls!  i loved capturing them hamming it up for me and their mom who stood behind to provide some comic relief.

another great park session with another great family!  they are related to this family i just blogged the other day.  whew! may was certainly a busy month for me but I’ve had lots of fun with my sessions for the perfect spring-into-summer kickoff.  i have so many more sessions to blog, but for now, enjoy this one!


love capturing little ones when they don’t know it.  the wonders of childhood never cease to amaze me!

who’s having more fun? lol!

another great session!  we’ve been trying to do this session for, literally, years.  i’ve known the parents of these kids my whole life!  ronna and i had our first and second kids together.  i stopped there and she went on to have twins!  so now, lots of years later, we finally got them all together for a session.  they don’t all have the same look but they’re smiles are so genuine and infectious.  if you know their parents, you know why…ronna and ben are just so sweet and funny.  people say i sound just like ronna and i’ll take that as a compliment!  i had so much fun capturing these kids being who they are!  next time we’ll get the whole gang!

sometime’s it’s not so bad being the only guy around such lovely ladies!