beach babes | cincinnati senior photographer


i’m so lucky to be a location shooter!  i love coming up with ideas whether it’s at the park down the street or something more elaborate!  it’s all about capturing who someone is in a place they love and will remember forever.

ever since i did the beach sessions in florida this past winter, i’ve wanted to do more.  problem is we live in ohio!  so…i came up with the idea of going out with some of the big shots models to caesar’s creek for an afternoon of fun, friends and photos!  the girls were so perfect for this setting.  now i’m wanting more!  it was so. much. fun!

i’m offering destination sessions like these now for all of my clients whether you’re a senior or have a family.  if you’re interested, let me know.  either way, enjoy my favorite images capturing this laid back summer day:

a picnic on the beach with bottled coke and chips seemed very ’70’s to me so i edited them like that.  ahhh…the good old days!

lovin’ the braid.  so beachy!

what’s better than coke in bottles and watermelon on the beach?

“i whip my hair back and forth”…