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i’m so lucky to be a location shooter!  i love coming up with ideas whether it’s at the park down the street or something more elaborate!  it’s all about capturing who someone is in a place they love and will remember forever.

ever since i did the beach sessions in florida this past winter, i’ve wanted to do more.  problem is we live in ohio!  so…i came up with the idea of going out with some of the big shots models to caesar’s creek for an afternoon of fun, friends and photos!  the girls were so perfect for this setting.  now i’m wanting more!  it was so. much. fun!

i’m offering destination sessions like these now for all of my clients whether you’re a senior or have a family.  if you’re interested, let me know.  either way, enjoy my favorite images capturing this laid back summer day:

a picnic on the beach with bottled coke and chips seemed very ’70’s to me so i edited them like that.  ahhh…the good old days!

lovin’ the braid.  so beachy!

what’s better than coke in bottles and watermelon on the beach?

“i whip my hair back and forth”…


i always have a great time photographing these kiddos and am so glad i get to see them about once a year since eva was only six months old.  time flies!  i used to get bonus time and see them at the elementary school when my daughter went to school with their boys but she’s moved on to the middle school so i really look forward to our sessions.  each time we head to a new and different location.  how can you go wrong at the park and playground?   this time was just the kids in their red, white and blue.  seems fitting for this time of the year!  i love capturing their sibling bond and silliness. here’s my picks of the pics!

senior season is in full swing!  i’m lovin’ it!  this year i’ve decided to switch things up a bit and put a few sneak peeks on and then post more images for the “senior spotlight”.  i’ve found that i have so many images to share of each senior since their sessions are so diverse and truly capture who they are.  i don’t think just a few images can give you that so i’ll be posting more images of each senior.  this gives me, them and you the opportunity to get the whole shabang…just not all at  one time!  i promise the rest will be worth the wait.  so, here are two of my favorite images of the beautiful and totally lovely maddie:


and smiley!

My first name is: Nick
My dream job: Playing shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds
My favorite music/artists: Usher and Lil Wayne
My favorite movie (s) Inception, hot rod, anchorman, the other guys, the dark knight

My favorite book (s) Harry potter
My favorite website: Twitter
My favorite magazine: Sports illustrated

My favorite place to shop: Foot locker
My favorite high school moment: Winning our first tournament game in three years on the varsity basketball team

I have never… Skydived and I think it would be awesome
If I had $1,000 I would… Take a few of my friends with me on vacation to florida and chill on the beach all day and stay in a nice resort

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: Big shots with Marla was great because it was very personal and she let me just be comfortable and be myself because I could choose what locations were an were not right for me and I didn’t feel forced into set poses.

they say a picture says a thousand words so i put together this collage as a tribute to all of the graduating seniors.  there’s so much to say but mostly i wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Big Shots graduates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  enjoy all of your grad parties and summer!  i wish you the best in whatever you do and pursue!  i’m so proud and honored to have gotten to know all of you!