ta da | cincinnati photographer


i’m so excited for the big reveal of our bathroom.  you probably remember how it started and then what it looked like after demo and during renovation.  it’s been a month or so since our bath redo was complete.  we’ve really been enjoying the new space.  it’s almost like a new room was added on.  that’s how different it is!

i have to say, our contractor fred wolfe of  fred wolfe renovations was the best. he and his team consisting of greg and buz went OUT of their way to make this the most positive remodel experience.  i’ll be singing their praises forever and can’t wait to tackle another project with them (i hear the outdated kitchen calling!).

so…here is the finished product!  the space is more compartmentalized but feels way bigger yet cozier.  i’ve always wanted my home, especially my bed/bathroom, to feel like a nice hotel.  whenever we go away i enjoy the calming colors and beautiful layouts.  now i’ve got that right in my own house!  we had to go through a lot to get here and i don’t wish a mold problem on anyone but…if it had to happen…at least i got this out of it!  there’s always a silver lining!

counter height cabinets are so much better for me and, of course, my 6 foot 3 inch husband!

the toilet gets its’ own room.

you can’t see but we put in a double head shower.  why not?

so proud of my find…penny tiles for the shower floor and shampoo cut out.

planning to cover the walls with portraits of me and josh. kind of make it “our place”. thought i would start with this one.