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i’m so excited to post the first of many family sessions i’ve been working on!  it’s photo session season for sure!  the weather was great on this day with a bit of wind (thank goodness for photoshop and getting rid of stray hairs ’cause they were a flyin’!).   it was fun working with avery and her mom and dad to capture the three of them being together at the park.  here are some of my fav’s from our time together:

love this!

daddy’s little girl!

strike a post, avery!  model in the making!

it’s supposed to be super hot this weekend.  i don’t really feel like fighting off a zillion people downtown for a taste of anything in that heat!  so for those of you not going to the taste of cincinnati, here are some other fun things to do out and about in the ‘nati:

for dog lovers (and i’m one), you can get your fix at the greater cincinnati memorial day dog show.   “More than 1,200 dogs representing 140 breeds compete for prizes, ribbons and titles. Dogs shown in 15 different rings. Obedience held each day. Best-in-show crowned at 4 p.m. each day. County fair-style food and beverage vendors.”  i’ve been to the butler county fair and it is a good time especially as an escape from the everyday grind.

for smaller kids, parky’s farm is having pioneer pastimes.   you can “Watch the sheep get sheared, try carding and spinning wool, dance around the maypole, pat baby farm animals and milk a goat. Ride a wagon to the garden and have fun in the playbarn.”  i used to take my kids to parky’s farm all the time when they were little.  time flies!

there’s one month left for you to enjoy the butterfly exhibit at the krohn conservatory.  it’s so much fun to put the nectar on your arm and have the butterflies land on you!  when else does that happen?

we are going to go to the zoo, a movie and the pool (if everything works out…) and then on monday we’re going to be in the blue ash memorial day parade!  we participated last year and had a blast.  please give us a “shout out” if you see us!    i can’t believe summer is here already!  my favorite time of the year for sure!  have a great, safe, fun weekend!

newborn girl goodness here!  she was wide awake when i arrived so we had some fun capturing her big blue eyes and priceless expressions.  then, she finally did fall asleep so i could capture all the squishy, sleepy moments.   her parents were over the moon and totally focused on being together and taking care of their newborn.  it’s so neat how two people suddenly become so much more than just three when a baby is born.  they become a family.  here are some of my fav’s:

melty heart image

“hello everyone!”

such a cool rocker!  she’ll be” babying it up” in style for sure!

for the third year in a row, i had the honor of photographing the montgomery Relay for Life event.  it was just as full of energy as last year only this year…no rain!  yay!  cancer has touched my life, along with so many other people’s lives in much more devastating ways.  we just lost a dear family friend to cancer.  he battled so hard for so long.  enough is enough!  that’s why i consider it an honor to be a part of events like this.  each of us can only do so much but we are a part of a greater whole so, together, we can make a difference.  the highschoolers at the montgomery event made a huge difference.  it amazes me how socially aware kids are these days.  it is so enlightening to see them giving so much of their time, energy and money to causes they feel passionate about.  here are some numbers to give you an idea of the scope of the event i attended. they had 1,401 participants, 149 teams and raised $87, 875.00!  you can read more about Relay for Life here.   the next event i will be at is Ride Cincinnati.  i will be taking fun photos for my sixth year and printing them for free of anyone who attends.  it’s a wonderful event dedicated to the memory of a dear friend of mine.  i hope to see you there.  in the meantime, enjoy some images from Relay for Life 2012.

i am so thankful i met tamar and elliot  last year.  i fell in love with the kids instantly.  they were so well behaved and up for the idea of running around with me and my camera following.  i feel like this family was meant to be my clients.  they wanted as-you-are images to take place in their yard.   mission accomplished!  i enjoy the idea of capturing a space and time that is personal.  i have images of me at my old house from when i was a kid and love looking at the little things like the swingset, the patio, how the house looked from the street, etc.  there’s always going to be cool locations around town to explore, and i love that too, but there’s no place like home!  here are some of the fav’s from our fun afternoon together: