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this session was very special to me because marissa and her family have been a special part of my life for a long time.  i remember way back in the fall; talking about her session when she was not even showing yet.  now the babies are here!  marissa and joel couldn’t have been more laid back for this session.  on little sleep and with two five day old babes, they were go very “go with the flow”.  baby spit up, clothes changes, a little “wee”…nothing could shake these new parents.  and not much except hunger could keep meyer and remy from stealing the spotlight!  they’re all so lucky to have each other.  i feel blessed that i was one of the first “outsiders” to meet the babies.  they didn’t disappoint!  they are so beautiful!  take a look for yourselves at some of my fav’s:



“When my sister got home from her big shots model session a few years ago and told me what an awesome time she had, i knew i wanted to do it! the experience and awesome pictures are so rewarding. marla is different from rest because she makes you feel so comfortable and the quality of the pictures are outstanding!”

“Right from the beginning big shots made me feel totally comfortable about being a model. there was no pressure and you can totally be yourself while working with marla. the pictures are awesome and she’s all ways open to ideas to make it your own so you know you’ll have a great experience with your senior pictures which i love!”

“I want to be a Big Shots model because past models have told me what a great experience it is. As an added bonus, Marla takes amazing photos, and I want my senior pictures to be very special to me!”

i love watching babies grow up on the big shots baby plan.  i also love when grandparents join in for one of the sessions.  that’s one of the cool things about the plan; being able to mix things up here and there since there are multiple sessions.  we started with elliot’s newborn session, then cohen and elliot shared some brotherly love for elliot’s four month session.  this time we have 9 month old elliot, big brother cohen and both sets of grandparents.  i’d say the kids are very lucky to have so many people who love them close by.  and i’m happy to be able to capture who they are together!  here are some of my fav’s…

love the tender touch from cohen to elliot.

mommy, michelle, didn’t have a starring role but did a great job in her supporting role to help elliot stand up!