seeing double | cincinnati twin photographer


this session was very special to me because marissa and her family have been a special part of my life for a long time.  i remember way back in the fall; talking about her session when she was not even showing yet.  now the babies are here!  marissa and joel couldn’t have been more laid back for this session.  on little sleep and with two five day old babes, they were go very “go with the flow”.  baby spit up, clothes changes, a little “wee”…nothing could shake these new parents.  and not much except hunger could keep meyer and remy from stealing the spotlight!  they’re all so lucky to have each other.  i feel blessed that i was one of the first “outsiders” to meet the babies.  they didn’t disappoint!  they are so beautiful!  take a look for yourselves at some of my fav’s: