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“I wanted to be a Big Shots model because I wanted introduce Milford students to Big Shots. Their photography is so amazing and they do the best senior pictures by far.”

coming out of the winter blah’s makes me want to get mani’s and pedi’s on a more regular basis.  i want to dress cute, wear flip flops and get ready for being out and about in the nice weather.  whether you’re going to prom, having portraits taken or just out for the night, it’s important to remember the brows ladies.  i don’t think i give them as much love as i should but will now that i’ve been reminded how easy it can be!  watch the video and you’ll see!

My first name is: Kali

My dream job: Speech writer for the president

My favorite music/artists: Usher

My favorite movie: Stand By Me

My favorite website: Facebook

My favorite high school moment: realizing that I will be in college soon.

I have never… stayed awake for 24 hours

If I had $1,000 I would… Buy a new laptop, or put half into savings and donate the other half to an organization for those who are living in poverty.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: I get to have pretty pictures to remember from when I was a teenager.

here’s more clothing and cuties in case you missed the first batch of images from my wonderful afternoon at little lords and ladies boutique.  if i had kids this age, i’d be in trouble for sure!  i have 15% off coupons for the store to give to my clients and all of you blog followers who i so appreciate.  if you want one, let me know.

we’re going to be sharing some beauty/fashion tips to help you look your best for your session this season.  so many of the girls have been coming for their shoots with these soft curls. this is one of my favorite looks for hair! easy to do if you’ve got some hot rollers laying around!