bye bye bathroom


the saga continues.  in case you’re not familiar with the situation, you can catch up here.    the amazing mold remediators from icon environmental found that the person who “redid” the bath prior to us moving in did a really sucky job.  they did so many  things wrong that looked fine from the outside but were causing nasty stuff to happen on the inside.  once icon was done ripping out all of the nasty mold (and most of our bathroom with it) it was time to rebuild.  it was like starting from scratch.

we met with fred from fred wolfe renovations, made a plan and hoped for the best.  it’s been a process.  josh and i spent two “date days” shopping for tile, a vanity, countertop, bath fixtures, etc.  needless to say, they weren’t the best or most relaxing “date days” but we got everything done.  whew!  once the decisions were made, fred’s team got to work.  as you’ll see, they pretty much started from scratch and built our new bath from nothing but floor boards and walls.

this used to be our shower.  crazy!

buzz and greg have been amazingly patient and hard working.  i’ve heard horror stories about contractors but i have none to tell.  it’s been a great experience working with them.

next up…the finished job! can’t wait!!!