how about a hot bath and a mushroom?


it’s been a little over a week since i posted and i apologize for my absence.  life just got in the way.  family was sick (all but mom. amazing how that happens)!  and we’ve been dealing with a bathroom remodel.  you’re probably thinking, “cool” or “fun” or “wow, or anything other than what REALLY happened.

we moved into our home four years ago after josh and i got married.  i sold my condo and we bought a house in the same school district.  problem is, the schools are fantastic but most of the homes are dated and need work.  we were all set to do a bunch of remodeling until josh’s company closed the doors and he was out of a job.  needless to say, remodeling was NOT on our minds at that point.

the one thing about the home that we 99% liked was the master bath.  it was huge and pretty much updated with the exception of some paint.  so, while we couldn’t redo the house, we knew we had our 99% updated bath.  i mean look at these images we took when we toured the home before we purchased it.  not really our taste but with a coat of paint and our style infused; we figured we were good to go.

so much space and updates.

hated the carpet (in a bathroom…why?) but loved the tub!

anyway, on with our story.  we had some funky odor that started a few months after moving in.  we had plumbers and other experts out but nobody could fix the problem.  we tried many remedies to get rid of the smell but it was just relentless.  it was upsetting that our ONE room that seemed to need the least amount of work was causing us the most problems.  finally we had…duh duh duh duh…the mushroom!

it’s not the best image (shot with an iphone and a shaky hand because i couldn’t believe what i was seeing).  i sent the image to josh at work. after I FREAKED OUT,  we realized this problem was much bigger than just some funky smell.  this was around labor day.  before we left for vermont, we had a team out to check for mold and how much damage was done.  it. was. bad.  nobody, not even the insurance people who’ve seen “it all” have ever seen a mushroom grow out of the carpet.  so we had to put the fate of our bath in the hands of the mold remediators and share our kids bath for the next few months.

the mold is 100% gone now but so is most of our bathroom.  the good news is we have mold insurance that covered a lot of the remodel.  whew.  the bad news is we were taking on a bath renovation that wasn’t planned or budgeted for.  we found a great contractor, fred wolfe renovations, and got to work with his team to make our bathroom everything we ever wanted it to be and more.

thanks for your patience on the blog while this is going on.  expect more updates to come as our bathroom adventure continues.