a “model” meeting


i must begin this post with a disclaimer:  all images were shot by my loving, sweet, smart husband who has NO CLUE how to use my camera!  (maybe i should teach him a little before handing it to him and telling him to “shoot!”)  so, while the images aren’t amazing, the event was!  we had over twenty people there from a diverse group of schools.  i’m soooo excited for some good weather and great senior sessions.  i’m having another meeting next tuesday and will finalize the class of 2013 big shots model team then.  i’m still taking applications from most schools so, if you’re interested, please fill out this form and i’ll be in touch.

two of my awesome models, jessica & tricia, from the class of 2012 model program came to speak about their experiences.

josh snuck out to shoot this while the meeting was taking place.  samples and snacks were a great way to kick off the meeting!

a packed house! if the program grows anymore, i may have to move! lol