sun & sand | cincinnati destination photographer


the weather outside is nice, but come on, nothing beats true sun and sand!  so i’m sharing another post from a session i did in florida with cindy, anton and their kids jack and emme.  cindy is the reason i went to florida.  i was at lunch two weeks before the break.  she was telling me how she was going down again (they drive 17 hours each break to naples) FAR!  every year i tell cindy, “we should go” but i just never get it together.  time would go by, and the break would come and go.  but not this year.

cindy got me hooked up with a condo rental site and josh found us a really cheap flight (i can not do 17 hours in a car!!!).  we planned on doing some shoots so, with camera in tow, we headed down.  cindy’s family is gorgeous!  look at all of them.  only problem is emme really doesn’t like having her picture taken.  so we went with it and here’s some of my favorites from their session…

future teen heartthrob!

pensive emme.  they don’t always have to be smiling!!!

i told you they’re gorgeous!

emme and her cousin morgan, who you probably remember from this post,  are the same age and bff.  what a touching moment between these girls.

a true classic!  the epitome of “capturing who they truly are”!