fun in the snow & kings island | cincinnati photographer


brrr…it’s finally winter.  i keep complaining because it was so warm for so long!  since i’m back from florida and the cold weather seems like it’s here to stay, i thought i should get into the winter spirit and venture out to do some cold weather activities.  i’m embracing winter now!  lol

we try to make it out to perfect north slopes each year.  josh is a snowbird.  he grew up skiing down the slopes in his homestate of vermont.  all we have to offer him here is perfect north, so it’ll have to do.  we usually go snow tubing at night.  i don’t know why but it just seems like it’s more fun that way.  if you’ve got little ones, or just aren’t interested in all of the work it takes to snowboard or ski, i highly recommend the fun tubing area!

over the weekend my assistant, kaitlin went to perfect north slopes to celebrate her 21st birthday! she wanted to go snowboarding, even though she is a beginner, and brought along a friend to help her learn. she said even though she fell a couple (or a lot) of times, it was still the most fun she’s had in a while! i haven’t been skiing since the one time i tried when i was 14, but listening to her stories about the great time she had makes me want to hit the slopes and give it another try!  she said they have a huge staff of workers there to help you master the hills, as well as equipment to rent if you don’t have your own.  i always have the lodge to sit and read if i just plain suck!

want to see the slopes or look at how much fun people of all ages have at perfect north?  take a look at their photo gallery!

if all of this snow talk is giving you the winter blues, i have some good news.  check out this article regarding deeply discounted tickets to kings island.  i’m gonna’ get me some of those for sure!

i hope you all have a great weekend.