isabella & her plus one | cincinnati child photographer


i can’t really move on to 2012 until i wrap up 2011!  the last session i did was with a returning client.  i was so excited to hear from jacquie.  she came to me a few years ago when her daughter, isabella, was having her first communion and we hit it off great.  she’s got a really laid back attitude that just rubs off on those around her.

i met up with them again but this time, jacquie brought along her new husband and baby lena!  i love when people’s lives grow and change in such positive ways.  i can tell they’re all happy to be together.  isabella is a gorgeous 5th grader now who loves her new school and, it seemed, her new baby sister too!  so glad i got to capture these girls being who they are with each other.

lena looks so ladylike on the slide!

what a look!

you can feel the love being squeezed from isabella to lena. sisters are so special!