saying goodbye | cincinnati photographer


it’s time to say goodbye to 2011.  it was a great year here at big shots.  here are some of the highlights:

i became more involved in causes i feel passionate about that let me use my photography to do some good in this world.  i shot backstage on onstage for fashion for the cure at sycamore high school, photographed the “relay for life” event for the second year, and spent my 5th year volunteering to take and print on the spot candids for the bikers at ride cincinnati. cancer has affected too many people in my life for me not to be involved.  it’s something i’m passionate about and feel fortunate to be able to contribute.

i had my first out of town sessions in 2011.  my first was in israel with a girl and her baby boy in the old city of jerusalem.  how cool is that?  it was surreal! i went on this trip to study and travel.  it was the first time i’d returned to israel since i lived there in 1993!  i was approached to do a session and couldn’t refuse!  i only had my backup camera with me on the trip but it did the trick just fine.  my second out of town sessions just happened a few weeks ago.  my family and i went to naples, florida for some MUCH needed r&r.  we met up with some friends down there for beach sessions.  here’s a preview of one of many i’ll be posting soon so keep a look out and have your sunglasses handy because it was hot and sunny!

i hired an amazing assistant, kaitlin, who has made my job so much more enjoyable in so many ways.  not only has she taken a lot off my plate, she is a pleasure to have around.  we have a good time together whether it’s coming up with ideas or asking siri on my iphone ridiculous questions!  some of you have met her but for those who haven’t, i’ll be shooting a session of kaitlin soon so you’ll be able to see her awesomeness for yourself.

i bought an imac and an ipad to go along with my mac book pro and iphone.  i think apple and i have a good thing going!  on the topic of technology, i also had a projector installed with a kick a#% drop down screen and lighting system that is all controlled by my ipad.  i am not tech savvy but i sure look like i am!  all of these things are not only cool but really help my business be more efficient and client friendly.

the senior model program is growing and changing each year.  this year was my best so far.  i had an amazing team of juniors who worked hard to spread the word about big shots.  along with free sessions, many incentives were given out to reward the girls for a job well done.  one even earned an ipad and lots of cash!  i can’t wait to start recruiting for the class of 2012’s model team!

while i love shooting seniors, i can’t keep my hands off those babies.  luckily, i was given lots of opportunities this past year.  the baby plan is a big success!  i get to follow babies for their first year while parents get to document this important time in their child’s life.  it’s a win-win!  thanks to all the mommys and daddys who trusted me with their little ones.

i continue to drive around this awesome city (yes…i think it’s awesome) to find new, exciting and beautiful locations.  like i always say, cincinnati is my studio!  i look forward to this new year filled with new and old clients excited to explore with me!  for now, let’s take a look at sessions from 2011 as we say goodbye to last year…

  1. Toni wrote: Great video Marla! Looks like Big Shots had a great year!! (01/06/12, 2:56 pm)