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bling for bari


i was excited to head out to charming charlies on sunday to be a part of the Bling for Bari event at Charming Charlie. it was a fundraiser to raise money for my high school friend bari.  she has been through so much in such a short period of time.  i’ll never forget being in vermont over labor day and getting all of these weird posts about bari on facebook.  i was desperate to find out what had happened.  bari contracted a staph infection which has left her unable to move from the neck down. bari has four small children: twins that are one, a two year-old, and a five year-old. anyone who knows bari is  hoping and praying each day for bari, but know that her journey is far from over.  bari has a night nurse that is critical to her care and comfort. it costs $15/ night for bari to have that personal night nurse. the event raised over $5,000 so bari should be set for a while!

my iphone pic of the donation table with a gorgeous picture of bari pre staph infection.  her smile is contagious.

more than anything, i noticed there were people from all over supporting bari; coming out on their sunday afternoon to give their time and money to help a friend in need.  what an outpouring of love.  i even heard a few people say they didn’t even know bari but came after hearing about her story. while i was so happy to be there to support my friend, i skyped with her and, as i frequently do, realized how fragile life is.  bari is wheelchair bound with a breathing tube.  just like that, she walked herself into the hospital and now faces a life unlike any she could’ve imagined.  she has done so with such grace.  she had a smile plastered on her face the whole time people were skyping with her.

what did we do before skype?  i don’t know which side was more excited us or bari!

i guess situations like this teach me to be more grateful.  when i’m frustrated that i can’t go or do something, i think about bari.  when my house isn’t tidy, i need to step back and look at the big picture.  i and my family have our health.  that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?  and what matters most for bari is that she is making great strides.  she is eating again, talking, having visits from friends and family.  she is a fighter.  bari has overcome obstacles we can’t comprehend.  i am so proud to know her and can’t wait to see how far she can go with her recovery.  i’ll be cheering her on every step of the way and hope you can find it in your heart to do the same.

happy weekend everyone!   thought i’d share this sweet lil’ cutie to give you something to smile about.  what a pleasure little maggie was at her session.  she was three months old and full of personalty!  thanks to aunt meghan who bought this lovely family a gift certificate for them to use when they came to cincy.   they are from chicago so i caught up with them at grandma and grandpa’s house where it was cozy and warm.  that’s one of the good things about baby sessions; they take place inside so weather isn’t a concern.  that’s important around these parts this time of the year (where’s the snow, by the way?).  enjoy some of my favorites from that session.

she’s got to know how cute she is!

see the way he’s looking at her?  daddy’s girl for sure!

love these connection images.  it’s about what you feel when you look at the image.

christmas AND a kiss from mom and dad. what could be better?

the weather outside is nice, but come on, nothing beats true sun and sand!  so i’m sharing another post from a session i did in florida with cindy, anton and their kids jack and emme.  cindy is the reason i went to florida.  i was at lunch two weeks before the break.  she was telling me how she was going down again (they drive 17 hours each break to naples) FAR!  every year i tell cindy, “we should go” but i just never get it together.  time would go by, and the break would come and go.  but not this year.

cindy got me hooked up with a condo rental site and josh found us a really cheap flight (i can not do 17 hours in a car!!!).  we planned on doing some shoots so, with camera in tow, we headed down.  cindy’s family is gorgeous!  look at all of them.  only problem is emme really doesn’t like having her picture taken.  so we went with it and here’s some of my favorites from their session…

future teen heartthrob!

pensive emme.  they don’t always have to be smiling!!!

i told you they’re gorgeous!

emme and her cousin morgan, who you probably remember from this post,  are the same age and bff.  what a touching moment between these girls.

a true classic!  the epitome of “capturing who they truly are”!

brrr…it’s finally winter.  i keep complaining because it was so warm for so long!  since i’m back from florida and the cold weather seems like it’s here to stay, i thought i should get into the winter spirit and venture out to do some cold weather activities.  i’m embracing winter now!  lol

we try to make it out to perfect north slopes each year.  josh is a snowbird.  he grew up skiing down the slopes in his homestate of vermont.  all we have to offer him here is perfect north, so it’ll have to do.  we usually go snow tubing at night.  i don’t know why but it just seems like it’s more fun that way.  if you’ve got little ones, or just aren’t interested in all of the work it takes to snowboard or ski, i highly recommend the fun tubing area!

over the weekend my assistant, kaitlin went to perfect north slopes to celebrate her 21st birthday! she wanted to go snowboarding, even though she is a beginner, and brought along a friend to help her learn. she said even though she fell a couple (or a lot) of times, it was still the most fun she’s had in a while! i haven’t been skiing since the one time i tried when i was 14, but listening to her stories about the great time she had makes me want to hit the slopes and give it another try!  she said they have a huge staff of workers there to help you master the hills, as well as equipment to rent if you don’t have your own.  i always have the lodge to sit and read if i just plain suck!

want to see the slopes or look at how much fun people of all ages have at perfect north?  take a look at their photo gallery!

if all of this snow talk is giving you the winter blues, i have some good news.  check out this article regarding deeply discounted tickets to kings island.  i’m gonna’ get me some of those for sure!

i hope you all have a great weekend.

over the next few months i hope to share more about our family and experiences we’ve shared throughout the year.  one of them was our trip to florida.  i’ll blog some of our images soon.

first i want to post these images of toni, andy and their gorgeous kiddos.  i had the exciting opportunity to shoot a few beach sessions while we were in naples/marco island recently.  we met up with some friends from cincinnati down there who wanted me to truly capture who they are; bathing suits, sand and all.  it was so much fun because it really just was SO much fun!  take a family from up north, plunk them in 85 degree weather by the ocean and this is what you get…

cutest couple!

the calm before the storm…

…crazy seagulls.

this image makes me want to touch my screen to feel that clear water…

future heartbreaker!