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moving on and working hard to catch up–almost to the last of my sessions for this year!  you may remember this family from past posts. we got so lucky with the weather.  it started raining a bit during the session and then stopped…whew!  one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of my job is when i get to see clients each year or so.  i enjoy watching the kids grow up and the family dynamics change.  such is the case with this family.  little cal was a baby when we started and elle was shy.  now, they’re fun loving kids who enjoy the process.  it’s not just about the image, it’s about the relationship and trust.  thank you lori and jason for trusting me to capture who your family is year after year.

so word on my big shots facebook page is that cal’s got a girlfriend!  lucky girl!

we all hope our kids grow up to be friends like these two are.

i love elle’s enthusiasm.  it’s the little things.

have you waited until now to buy holiday gifts?  do you have some people who are just SO hard to buy for or they already have everything?  well, if you are still looking, look no futher.  get your loved ones a gift of custom photography!   you can give them a gift certificate they will enjoy receiving, a fun future photo session to plan and they will have beautiful portraits to last a lifetime.  what other gift can do so much?  these are perfect for everyone.  the pregnant mom, new parents, growing families and high school seniors.

you can pick up the gift certificate or i can even email it to you already filled in and ready to give!  you don’t even have to leave your home to give the perfect gift!

send me an email at or call 513.477.3324 to get yours.

you may remember cute little andrew from his newborn, six month and 10 month sessions.  now he’s turned one and it was so great to see him again in his new home!  we had fun in his room, eating cake and even taking a bath!  as usual, he was full of smiles.  what a year…time flies!  that’s why baby plans are so great.  i’m here to capture all of the moments that can otherwise slip by.  here are my favs!

do they make them cuter than this?  i don’t think so!

happy birthday big boy!

hard to believe little gabe is now a year old! it’s amazing how much babies change in their first year. back at his newborn session, he was just a little ball of love. now he’s bursting with personality but still cute as ever!  we met at the park right before the rain and cold hit cincy. here are some of my favorites that really capture who gabe and his loving parents truly are…

i love how this image just captures the true happiness and joy they get from being a family together.  that’s what it’s all about.

doesn’t take much to make a little guy happy.  just a rid on a duck with dad!

love, sweet love.

My first name is: McKenna

My graduation date is: May 30, 2012

The last thing I ate was: Ice cream

My dream job: Elementary school teacher

My favorite music/artists: Country

My favorite pastime: Researching history

My favorite website: You tube

My favorite magazine: People

My favorite high school moment: Getting accepted into college

I have never… Been skydiving

If I had $1,000 I would… Put it in a savings account so I can spend it on something I really want/ need in the future.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: She was very patient and understanding with me. She took pictures of me that came out so much more amazing than I could have imagined.