eight isn’t enough | cincinnati child photographer


eighth year and counting!  i love seeing colin and moira (and sometimes dad, steve) each year.  i feel like we have so much catching up to do but also feel like it was yesterday that i last saw them.  i wish i could go back and link to all of the images from each year but i started shooting colin before I even had a blog!  when he’s graduating high school, i’ll pull all of his images out and do a retrospective. until then,  here he is at last years shoot.  he’s still so cute, smart, witty and mature.  as always, he came up with many of the places and “poses” we did.  such fun!  i already can’t wait until next year!

i’m learning from my own son that no matter how “cool” he is, he’s still my baby…just like colin here with moira.

who could say no to that face?