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i was so excited to meet vanessa and her brood which just got bigger with the addition of  little beatrix.  what a cutie!   vanessa is the sister of alanah, a senior i shot last year.  this family definitely picked the right day for family photos!  looking back now, i feel this was the a great time for fall leaves.  it was  before all the rain we just had, when everything still had color.  and of course it was another great family with another great set of clothing choices!  lots of neutrals mixed in with dad’s blue sweater, kyle’s plaid & catherine’s pop of purple!

love the baby’s outfit…so vintage!

we took these “mom and dad” shots because they’re always nice to have but also because the day they got married was SUPER windy and not much turned out. now their love is captured without a veil hitting someone in the face! lol!



being a divorced mom, i have to share my kids sometimes.  we have a weekly schedule we’ve all become accustomed to.  thanksgiving is the holiday we share.  the kids are with me every other year.  when the kids are here, we do a BIG thanksgiving  like we did last year. i love when the house is filled with people, the smell of yummy foods cooking, chatter and laughter.

while i won’t be having that this year, i’m still very thankful for so many things.

  • i am thankful for so many things and people i will not mention in this post (it would go on forever!)
  • i am thankful i get to host thanksgiving again next year!
  • i am so thankful that i get to be with my kiddies so many other days during the year.
  • i am thankful they are having a wonderful time at their dad’s.  sarah is making a pie with her stepmom and david is watching the games.
  • my amazing husband deserves more than just a thank you for being so amazing!
  • for the yummy dinner i am going to have with josh’s mom and brother tonight.  i’ve never had thanksgiving at a restaurant.  we’re going to de sha’s where food is plentiful and i don’t have to cook or clean up!
  • every night i give thanks for good health and happiness…never to be taken for granted.
  • thanks to my parents and brother whom i love so much.
  • i am thankful for my many good friends.
  • my assistant, kaitlin, deserves a “thank you” for all she does to make my job less stressful and more fun.
  • BIG THANKS to all of my clients and blog followers.  without you, there would be no big shots!  you and my job have become so much a part of my life.
  • i am thankful that there are artists who have the creative vision to produce things that say just what i’m feeling like this:

eighth year and counting!  i love seeing colin and moira (and sometimes dad, steve) each year.  i feel like we have so much catching up to do but also feel like it was yesterday that i last saw them.  i wish i could go back and link to all of the images from each year but i started shooting colin before I even had a blog!  when he’s graduating high school, i’ll pull all of his images out and do a retrospective. until then,  here he is at last years shoot.  he’s still so cute, smart, witty and mature.  as always, he came up with many of the places and “poses” we did.  such fun!  i already can’t wait until next year!

i’m learning from my own son that no matter how “cool” he is, he’s still my baby…just like colin here with moira.

who could say no to that face?





My first name is: Katie

My graduation date is: June 8th 2012

The last thing I ate was: Iced Sugar Cookis (: yummm



My dream job: Anything with photography and traveling

My favorite music/artists: lil wayne, drake, keri hilson


My favorite thing in my closet: all my scarves!

My favorite pastime: being with my friends

My favorite website: facebook

My favorite high school moment: electro-fishing with my environmental science class. hahahahahah… not

I have never… been to Italy but would LOVE to go.

If I had $1,000 I would… use the money to go back to south africa (:

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: she makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera and she’s super fun to be with!

i met this gorgeous couple years ago when i had my old blog.  we did a session with their dog who has since passed away.  now they’re engaged and have a new dog!  so much going on for them.  i was so excited to shoot them in an urban setting this time around.  they are cool, hip and fit right in.  holly said she “wasn’t feeling it that day” and was concerned about the images.  i’d say she has NOTHING to worry about!  see for yourselves how i captured these two being who they are together…fun, flirty and in love.  i wish you two only the best for your future together.

love how the halloween display behind them will always remind them of exactly what time of the year they had their session.


the happy family!