a “model” model! l cincinnati senior photographer


jessica is definitely a stand out model from the class of 2012 big shots model team!  i feel lucky to have her on board!  you may remember her first session from back in the spring. she was so photogenic and genuine then and did it again for her second session.  we mixed it up the second time around  to give her a more urban backdrop.  no matter the setting or session,  jessica’s smile just about says it all!  she is one of the friendliest girls i’ve had the pleasure of working with.  all of the friends she’s referred to me have been just as nice!  i guess “birds of a feather stick together”!

i know life now is all about getting through senior year, college apps and looking toward the future.  i’m sure the future holds great things for you, jessica.  just keep being who you are and you’ll go far!

here are a few favorites from our most recent session together…