the lucky family | cincinnati family photographer


i feel so fortunate to have been invited into the lives of the “h” family.  they are extraordinary for sure!  besides being super nice people with super well behaved children, michelle and todd  just adopted little henry from ethiopia in june.  he fits in perfectly with their three other children; sarah, maggie and andrew.  while we were shooting, some friends of theirs came over.  they’d never met henry and were oooing and ahhhing over him (as well they should).  when one of the woman commented on how lucky henry was to be adopted by such a wonderful family, michelle simply stated, “we think we are the lucky ones”.   that just about sums it all up!  and i think i am the lucky photographer who got to capture this family being who they are!

henry is very attached to mom and dad.  i loved watching him light up when they’re around.

girls just wanna’ have fun…so we did!

big bro andrew will no doubt be teaching henry some football moves.  for now, henry IS the football!  lol

cuteness overload!!!

what a gorgeous family!  but, this is more than “just another pretty picture”!  todd is an avid bike rider with the rest of the family enjoying riding for pleasure.  how fitting to have their newest family portraitat the bike trail?  it’s so nice to be able to incorporate things the family loves into their session.