the “b” family | cincinnati family photographer


this busy family had just gotten back from a relaxing vacation in time to do a session with me before school started.  not only are they clients but we go way back at our kids’ elementary school where our daughters became and remain very close friends.  they had a flower garden setting session two years ago (when i had my old blog) and wanted something a bit different.  plus they got an adorable new dog and needed a place conducive to pets so we set out and found the perfect spot.  lots to do between tree climbing, creeking and more.   it was a photography adventure!  here are some of my fav’s…


julia’s just squeezing the love out of audrey!

quite the gymnast!

i’ve never had a dog be so photogenic before!

i’ve said it so many times…mom and dad…get at least one image of just the two of you alone. when’s the last time?