fun times in the city | cincinnati family photographer


it’s always an honor and a really fun time to be asked to photograph people i work with.  you may remember this family from my old blog.  they took a break last year so this is their premier session on the blogsite!   i work with brian from fabulous frames and art.  i don’t even remember how we got connected but i thank goodness we did everyday.  he has made my framing experience as easy as it can be.  he’s super knowledgeable and a lot of fun.  i feel very lucky to have made this professional connection that has turned into a friendship with the whole family!  little katherine even invited me to dinner with them after the session!  how sweet is that?

they wanted something different this year so we opted for an urban session.  what fun!  the colors, the vibe, the atmosphere were all perfect for bringing out so many different sides to everyone.  i hope you can see what i felt while i was capturing who they are.


teenage years…watch out!

little lloyd is quite the character!

and the brian and jenni i know. so fun loving!