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i was so lucky when tricia was “given” to me.  not exactly given, i guess.  i had a model prospect who didn’t feel she’d have the time to dedicate to the program and so she gave me tricia’s name.  i didn’t know anything about tricia at the time but now i do!  i don’t even know how to begin writing this blog post for tricia’s second session that she earned being a big shots model!  her first session had a more urban feel so we mixed things up by giving her a low key, natural session this time.

i’ve gotten to know tricia fairly well over these last few months with many phone calls and, of course, her sessions.  tricia is girl extraoridinaire.  beyond her “outer gorgeousness” is a beautiful, driven, giving soul.  i admire the way she is an active participant in so many activities.  among many other things, she will be co-chairing the “fashion for the cure” event at sycamore this coming year, is very involved in unified for unifat, and is such a hard worker in many realms including being a model for big shots.  i’m blown away by her dedication and determination.

i know you’re going places, dear tricia.  i can’t wait to see where life takes you…or more like it, where you take life!

here are some of my many favorite images from our session together.  it was a pleasure to capture who you are again.