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i’m so excited to announce my partnership with Little Lords and Ladies Boutique and its’ owner, Starla. you’ll find my image on the wall along with all of the other amazing things the store has to see!  i think this is a great partnership since I have so many clients with babies/young children who would look adorable in any of the items the store offers. i’ll be updating you on the “goings on” at the store; such as trunk shows and other special events. Starla and I will also be having mini photo sessions throughout the year.

i have to tell you about my experience with Starla and Little Lords and Ladies. i was so excited when i entered Little Lords & Ladies.  Starla, was so warm and friendly.  i’ve told her many times how approachable she is. having that as a trait is a definite bonus when working with parents, grandparents, and children.

Starla acquired Little Liza Janes in the fall of 2010. her experience and education is in business management but she has always desired having her own business.  when she found Little Liza Janes, she knew it was the perfect fit! while the store still has the same upscale feel as it previously did, she’s made some changes.  the name is now Little Lords & Ladies Children’s Boutique in order to reflect the fact that they carry boy’s apparel and gifts in addition to girl’s items.  another inspiration for the name change is Starla’s love of the renaissance era, which is reflected in the new whimsical décor featuring castles, dragons, wizards and magical creatures.

Starla’s vision is to provide quality, unique, fashionable clothing and gift items at reasonable prices. for instance, she carries the usually hard to find Preemie-Yums, clothing for preemies.  she likes to work with local designers who make clothing, jewelry, tutus, hair accessories and more.  some brands found at her boutique include; Kissy Kissy, Angel Dear, Ruffle Butts, Isobella & Chloe, Mud Pie, WubbaNubs, Constructive Eating and much more. Starla tells me how amazingly popular Sophie the Giraffe is.  the unique thing about Sophie is she works with all the senses and is made from the natural rubber tree, Hevea.

Starla has creative ideas that help her business stand apart from others. her baby gift registry is one of a kind.  the items of the registry are presented together in a bassinette or basket so when you go to purchase, you can view everything together. you don’t waste time thinking of a gift or trying to find the item from a registry’s list. it’s like choosing from the dentist’s treasure chest!  there is also beautiful display of Christening gowns and accompanying Christening accessories and gifts.

all in all, you get a feeling of enchantment when you are in Little Lords & Ladies. there are new discoveries around every corner.  i don’t think my words can do the store justice, so i hope my images help you “see” what I’m talking about. all of my Big Shots clients will receive 10% off your entire purchase! please contact me if you would like a coupon.

one of the great things about being a location photographer is going to so many different locations.  david and stacey welcomed me to their gorgeous home with beautiful architectural details and a lovely park like setting.  they live on one side of french park and some of their extended family, who i photographed last fall, live on the other.  how nice to have family surrounding you!  i loved all of their coordinated clothing.  everything just went together and popped.  if anyone is curious as to what to wear for a family session, this is a great example!  while it was a typical cincinnati scorcher that night, the family held up well as we  explored their beautiful grounds.  thanks for letting me capture who you are!

this wasn’t fake.  they really all got along so well!

dad and zach took david’s new “toy” out for a spin!

girls talking and laughing. what else is there?  lol!

i’ve said it before. it’s so important for mom and dad to have some alone images. don’t let your wedding images be all you have!

elliot decided he wanted to stay in his mommy’s belly a week longer than expected so we had to do a bit of rescheduling but we still got him in within his first week of life.  if he’s anything like his big brother, he will be full of personality.  it will definitely be fun to watch him grow up this coming year and beyond!  I went over to michelle and dave’s home for our session and it was lots of fun.  elliot is just adorable and such a good baby!  the space heater and the gorgeous weather outside helped lull him to sleep, letting us pose him lots of different ways.  here are just a few of my favorites.  you don’t know me yet elliot, but thanks for letting me capture who you are!

can’t resist a baby smile no matter what!

seriously. with parents who look like that, how can he be anything but gorgeous!  and they are seriously just as nice as they are good looking.

do these kids look familiar?  they should!  i just posted their first session the other day.  mom, regina, thought it would be fun to do a follow up to the extended family session with just the kids.  india picked the place, so downtown we went!  i love their coordinating but not matchy-matchy, colored clothing that popped in the urban environment.  here are some of my favs.  so glad i could capture who you are again.

ahhhh…love this spot.

you saw them the other day but here they are each in his/her own spot!  introducing india…

…and sam…

…last but not least, max.

this was such a fun extended family session.  usually grandparents are very agreeable but i’ve never had any so enthusiastic as these. it was another gorgeous day for pictures at the park!   we found some nice shady areas for pictures, even though the sun was BRIGHT!  it definitely brought out all the fun colors with the clothing and of course the green, green grass!  here  are my favorites from this fun family session!  thanks for letting me capture who you are.

disclaimer:  no grandfathers were injured in the making of this session!

i love the fun they are having.  that’s what it’s all about.  these little moments.

regina getting some lovin’ from her boys.

gradmothers have a special way of making everything better!