senior spotlight jainie | cincinnati senior photographer


My first name is:  Jainie

I go to school at:  Wyoming High School

My graduation date is:  June 2012

The last thing I ate was:  Apples

My dream job:  Performer on Broadway

My favorite music/artists:  Mumford and Sons, The Kooks, Sara Bareilles

My favorite pastime:  Spending time with family and friends

My favorite website:

My favorite magazine:  17

My favorite high school moment:  There has been so many amazing high school moments, from the musicals to spending time with friends there is no way I can choose just one. And the best part is I have another year to add to those amazing memories.

I have never… Been on a roller coster!

If I had $1,000 I would… travel to an exotic location and explore. and of course shop 🙂

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  I loved working with Marla because of the fun, laid back experience. I felt like my session was unique to me, and that she was really capturing who I am. All in all I would recommend Big Shots to any one looking for absolutely amazing senior pictures.

See more of Jainie’s session in her video below:

  1. evie wrote: LOVE! The images are awesome! She is GORGEOUS! And that slideshow is to die for!! So awesome, Marla!! (05/05/11, 2:24 pm)

  2. admin wrote: Thanks Evie! I knew when I met her she'd be photogenic! (05/05/11, 2:42 pm)