sisters getting married | cincinnati engagement photographer


ok.  so terri called me with the news that she wanted to have an engagement session.  i was excited because while i’m not a wedding photographer, i LOVE engagement sessions.  i just love love!  then terri threw in the fact that her sister is getting married this year too!  they are each having destination weddings with a big party to celebrate when they both get back in town.  so, this session was mostly terri and jason with a bit of beth & mike and some mom & dad sprinkled in.  what fun!  thanks to all of you for letting me capture who you really are!

terri and jason.
stackable engagement ring.  unique and gorgeous.  beth says terri stole the idea from her.  i’ll let them work that out!  lol

before the wedding, the babies, the rest of life.  just enjoying the now of the two of them together.

introducing beth

and here’s mike…laughing at jason.

what a warm, fun-loving family.