senior spotlight-chandler | cincinnati senior photographer


My first name is:  Chandler

I go to school at:  Mason High School

My graduation date is:  May 2012

The last thing I ate was:  Coffee

My dream job:  I’m not sure yet, but ever since I was little I wanted to be a famous actress or singer.

My favorite music/artists:  Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Chris Brown, and all types of music

My favorite thing in my closet:  My Cheetah print skirt I made myself

My favorite pastime:  Dancing, singing, hanging out with friends, and boating

My favorite word:  Fantabulous or Fantasmic

My favorite website:  Facebook

My favorite magazine:  Instyle and teen vogue

My favorite place to shop:  Tj Maxx, Forever 21, target

My favorite high school moment:  I still have one more year to figure that out (:

I have never…been through a fast food drive through by myself.

If I had $1,000 I would…Save some of it and then go shopping.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because: It’s so laid back and unposed, nothing is awkward and everything is so “you”. It feels like your just being yourself and someone just happened to capture that little moment that makes a candid photo. Marla is awesome and she is fantastic at what she does, she really does capture who your are.

see more of chandler’s session in the video below:

  1. Kim wrote: Holy smokes what a gorgeous young woman!! Those eyes.... Beautifully captured Marla! (04/21/11, 3:57 pm)

  2. kim schmidt wrote: Her eyes are stunning! She looks like a fun gal! (04/27/11, 2:28 am)

  3. admin wrote: Thanks to both of you Kims! Her eyes really are THAT beautiful. No photoshop needed on those beauties! (04/27/11, 2:06 pm)