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i was so excited when michelle called me.  she and cohen did a surprise session for daddy dave last year and i loved working with them.  i had a feeling she’d be getting pregnant soon after that and i was right!  i also knew she’d look amazing with that pregnancy glow.  she’s just beautiful no matter what!  (i know…we should all be so lucky!).  we shot some more intimate images that i’ll be saving for their private viewing, but thought everyone would enjoy these “sneak peeks”.  i’m so glad i got to capture who you are at this special time in your lives.

cohen’s going to be a great big brother.

can you imagine how gorgeous their baby will be?  just look at them!!!

little gabe has a mind of his own.  i’ve always said that my kids are pretty much who they were since they were born (only bigger now!) so, watch out!   besides being such a cutie, gabe didn’t want to miss out on what’s going on around him even though when we had his shoot he was less than two weeks old!  i don’t blame him.  mom, dad and grandma were all there for the fun!  i always say there’s a reason to have me come to you and one of them is that i will wait until the feedings, changings and, even in this case, the driving around the block, are over to get the shots you’ve been dreaming of.  

ahhhh….sleepy time.

you can’t see it in these images but gabe’s room is all decked out in doggies!  he’s doing the Big Shots baby plan so we’ll get some great shots of him in his room at his three month session.

gabe is so loved.  dad came home from work early just to take part in the shoot while mom is on maternity leave.  such a lucky baby.

beautiful mom, beautiful babe.

amanda and darin, i hope these sneak peeks help you see your dream images become reality!  thanks for letting me capture who gabe is!

wow!  was i honored to be chosen as this family’s baby photographer.  i am always excited and feel so lucky when someone calls me to photograph them/their children/newborn/etc.  but this was a special circumstance that called for a special person…me!  these two adorable babies were born veeeerrrryy early.  they spent months in the nicu but made it home for christmas.  mom and dad waited as long as they could but really wanted to capture the newborn phase of little peyton and logan’s lives.  so, while i always say it’s best to photograph babies when they are five to ten days old, these images prove that when that’s not possible, we can still get amazing images!