hadley | cincinnati baby photographer


i thought that a name as cute as “hadley” deserved to be the title of this post.  and hadley is just as cute as her name!  the whole family is so darn cute.  i loved being with them for their session.  since photographing newborns during their first ten days of life is best, we scheduled hadley on her eighth day.  i can’t wait to watch little hadley grow during her baby plan year.   for this, our first session, we stayed at home as i always do for newborns.  i just show up, do my thing and leave.  i stay as long as it takes to get the images the family wants.  in this case, it was easy.  annie and nate were very laid back (especially for first time parents!!!) which makes my job easier and lets me get natural images.  see for yourselves…

daddy’s little girl

it takes the love of two very special people to bring little hadley into this world.