a valentine special too good for just one day!


happy valentine’s day to all of you!  i know the blog’s been a little (ok, a lot) quiet these days.  why?  it’s because i’m getting so many new products and ideas together for the new year.  to celebrate all of that newness, i thought i’d have a valentine’s day special.  celebrating valentine’s day one day of the month is just not enough.  let’s extend the love.  book a session in february and receive $50 off.  it doesn’t matter if you want a session soon or in the summer.  book it now, and you’ll save mucho bucks.  this is good for maternity, babies, seniors, etc.  saving money…another reason to love valentine’s day!

i thought i’d share a valentine’s card i designed for one of my baby plan clients.  andrew is SUCH a dollface…i’d find any reason to feature him on the blog again!  hope you find many reasons to kiss, hug and love all of the dollfaces in YOUR lives today & always.