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wow! that just about sums up this session. grace called to book a snow session. i figured she’d come with mittens, scarves & layers upon layers. i mean, i was dressed for the tundra. but boy was i wrong about grace! she is on the crew team and is used to the cold weather. (just to brag a bit about her-she is going to boston college on a crew scholarship). she wanted to embrace the cold snow and she did. i give her bigtime kudos for jumping in with both feet…literally! i’m just so impressed with grace for being such an all around great girl. btw-if you want a snow session, let me know. i’ve started a waiting list so when mother nature pours it down on us again, i will start calling.

My first name is:  Grace

I go to school at:  Ursuline Academy

My graduation date is:  May 24, 2011!!!

The last thing I ate was:  Popcorn

My dream job:  Anything where I can travel the world

My favorite music/artists:  Classic rock! The Beatles and Pink Floyd are my favorites.

My favorite thing in my closet:  Plain white v-necks.

My favorite pastime:  Hiking!

My favorite website:

My favorite magazine:  The Rolling Stone

My favorite place to shop:  Anthropologie

My favorite high school moment:  Winning Midwest sophomore year with my rowing team.

I have never…been on a cruise

If I had $1,000 I would…Go backpacking somewhere unique.

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla for a lot of reasons! The whole experience was marvelous. Marla was really down to earth. She had a ton of ideas and they were all genius! Sometimes shoots can be awkward. But with Big Shots, the whole shoot was comfortable and relaxed. Marla got to know me before she took any of the pictures so that she would be able to capture who I was…and she definitely did! I will be recommending Big Shots to anyone who needs pictures done!

  1. Sarah J wrote: Beautiful Senior! She looks so natural and happy! Love it! You did a great job catching her beauty and her spirit! (01/23/11, 6:28 am)

  2. admin wrote: Thanks Sarah! Don't know why, but I JUST got this comment today! I really try to capture who my client's are and am glad you noticed! She was a trooper in that cold weather! (04/20/11, 4:18 pm)