Wait…a few more.


i still have two more families to post before i can truly “close the books” on 2010.  it was a GREAT year filled with fun sessions and amazing clients.  i’ll start with a returning Big Shots family (just the kids and dog this year) and then move onto a family who just moved back to town.  welcome back “f” family and welcome to the “r” family!  it was a pleasure.

last year i met the “f” family at their home.  this year we ventured to the park.  mixing things up is a good thing sometimes.  it cracked me up that mom and dad wore sweats so there was no way i could convince them to get in the portraits this year.  good thing they have such adorable children!

what a difference a year makes.  they change so much from session to session.  kinda’ neat to see them grow up!

and now for the “r” family.  i knew julie way back when our kids were babies and then she moved away.  now she and her family are back in the ‘nati so let’s welcome them with a showcase of some of my fav’s from their session.

i am so close with my dad.  i get the love these two share and hope it grows and grows.  these “daddy’s little girl” images are always so magical.

on the other hand, my first was a boy so it tugs at my heart to see a mom and her sons.  such a special bond.

ahhh…so important to remember mom and dad.  they were looking at their kids in this image.

  1. Natalie wrote: love these! such cute kids from the f-family. and r-family are gorgeous too. these are really lovely Marla, just from the images, I can feel the fun you had working with these two families! (01/27/11, 2:16 pm)