meeting marin’s family


marin was one of my senior clients from the class of 2011.  she was fun, easy to be with and photogenic.  you can see her post here.  well, she came back!  this time she brought along her lovely mother, who i’d met at her ordering session, her sisters and dad.  it was one of the first chilly days of the season.  you know, one of those “it’s coldish out but we don’t want to wear our winter stuff yet” days.  we got through by getting lots of shots where they could be close and suck each other’s heat-lol!  can’t wait to see you guys soon for your ordering session.

what gorgeous girls!  dad…watch out!

a classic.

mom & dad deserve some blog love.  i mean, when’s the last time most married couples took pictures.  just them.  no kids?  their wedding?  gotta capture this relationship cause it’s what started it all and the glue that keeps the family together.  i always tell my clients is so important.  i mean look at them  rockin’ the cool couple vibe!

  1. Natalie wrote: beautiful photos, Marla, and a gorgeous family! I remember Marin's earlier post too ;) (12/09/10, 3:02 pm)