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finally.  i can post this session!  elizabeth, who is mom to the beautiful carolyn and her sis kathryn, wanted to surprise her husband with images of the dogs for a christmas gift.  brian finally got to see the images on saturday.  that’s the happy part.  the saddest part of the whole story is that the day after these pictures were taken, they had to put lilly to sleep. i mean, it’s like she stayed alive just long enough to give the family something to remember her by.  rest in peace lilly.


how crazy does little sis bailey look here?  she is actually the nicest dog.  just caught her in a water eating moment!


last day together.  the good news is they got a puppy named cassie who keeps bailey company.  hopefully, we’ll get them together for a shoot one of these days.

yes.  this family is gorgeous.  and i’m not just saying that because angie, the one in the black shirt, is one of my dearest friends.  you’ve seen her and her lovely brood on the home page video.  i shot her equally lovely sister’s family last year.  for this session we added in mom, dad and sister lauren to make the thanksgiving weekend get-to-gether complete.  you can tell they all love each other so much.  and they are so lovely.  enough of my going on and on…

sister love.

what more could a dad ask for?

they are so stinkin’ cute!  there are a whole series of these.  would make an adorable storyboard!

you may remember my session with jamie-this time her whole family decided to join in!  as i’ve said before, i love shooting and seeing my clients again.  and while i’ve known jamie’s family forever, i hadn’t spent much time with them until now.  we had such a good time on a gorgeous late fall morning.  just laid back and easy.  we got some great shots in their yard and then behind your house on a beautiful park pathway.  here are a some of my favorites.

always love getting mom and dad alone.  aren’t marc & evelyn gorgeous?

clients often say, “we want to do that walking picture we’ve seen on your site”.  i don’t remember if i or they suggested it but it is beautiful…the location and the way it conveys how close they are as a family.

evelyn’s going to miss her baby girl next year.  makes me realize how fast they grow up.



tis the season for family photos!  this is the first of a few large family sessions i shot this winter.  you’ll recognize some of the family members like abbie, sloane and reid.  it was their grandma, april, who put this whole thing together.  i’ve known april for what seems like my whole life so i was excited to be a part of this large get together.  it was fun to get a shot of this growing family all at once–even if it was a bit chilly!  but we had to do it because some of the families had traveled from out of town.  what troopers everyone was.  it didn’t even seem to phase the kids.  everyone’s personalities still shone through despite the weather to make for some great shots.  here are a few of my faves.

that’s reid and sloane; the cousins from the ‘nati.  they’ve both gotten so big!

i’d never met these out-of-town cousins before but, as you can see, it didn’t take long for us to feel comfortable together and have some fun!

i hope to see you all again and wish you a happy, healthy holiday season.

so worth it


you know, my job is not always easy.  sometimes i have to really work it.  this was one of those times.  mom, dad and little sis novella were all game for the shoot.  odessa wanted nothing to do with the session at first.  i was so bummed because it was like i so wanted to win her over.  then finally, odessa came out to play!  it was SO worth it.  the looks i got are awesome.  sometimes when you have to work for something, it’s just that much more appreciated.  i heard odessa even wore her big shots tshirt to breakfast after because she was so excited and proud.  way to go!  thanks for a great session!

yeah…odessa’s having fun!

such a cutie.  novella with mom and her doll.  so loving.