city family goes country


maybe that title was a wee bit dramatic.  last year, this family had an urban session.  this year they opted for a park setting.  so, not so much country but just natural & woodsy.  as i said last year, i’ve known scott his whole life!  he is younger than i am so the story goes that any time something happened to him, his mom would call my mom to check out what the “dr. spock” book said to do.  kind of like our “what to expect the first year” type thing.  how funny to think MY mom was the “expert”.  well, we both did turn out ok!  scott is married to his adorable wife huan and has two hilarious boys.  i never know what to expect from them but always know i’m going to get great shots!

what a gorgeous family.  and just as nice.  i’m so lucky to know them.

boys will be boys.

you’re a hottie huan.  i mean only a true hottie could wear those shoes.  you guys got it goin’ on!

  1. Yvonne wrote: Beautiful family. (11/17/10, 8:54 pm)