senior spotlight-ali


i’ve typed and erased so many times now because i don’t know how to put into words how amazing this session was.  ali and i met at a random location she chose.  i had no idea what to expect from her or where we were going.  boy was i in for a treat.  as you can see, ali shined in the beautiful surroundings. then again, i think she’d shine just about anywhere.  breathtaking.

My first name is:  Ali

I go to school at:  Sycamore High School

My graduation date is:  some time in May.

The last thing I ate was:  an apple.

My dream job:  photojournalist?

My favorite music/artists:  all kinds, except for rap. definitely no rap.

My favorite thing in my closet:  Tie dye dress

My favorite pastime:  reading/music-ing/photographing/hanging out with friends.

My favorite website:  I don’t really have one, but I go to Facebook the most.

My favorite magazine:  National Geographic

My favorite place to shop:  Nu Image, Forever 21, Pangaea

My favorite high school moment:  all of them, theres way too many

I have never… eaten a hot pepper.

If I had $1,000 I would… hmmm, save some, invest the rest?

I love Big Shots Photography and working with Marla because:  It’s really laid back, she’s easy to talk to and fun to get to know, and her photos are awesome!!

  1. Natalie wrote: An absolutely gorgeous session! Beautiful images, Marla!! (11/16/10, 11:39 pm)