what a difference a year makes!


i’ve known andrea her whole life.  she was the younger sister of my younger cousin’s friend…catch all that?   it’s so nice when things come around.  now we live in the same neighborhood and have shared a few sessions together.  i’m glad i’ve gotten to know her and meet her sweet husband vlad now that we’re all adults (still don’t feel like one, but age would suggest it’s true!).  at last year’s shoot, andrea was pregnant with little isaac.  now he’s an adorable little baby who joined big bro sammy, mom and dad for a beautiful fall session.  they were a blast to work with AND i got my cardio in chasing after those two very active boys so it was a double win for me!  LOL.

brother love.  how lucky to have each other.  i’ve seen so many brothers (like my husband and his younger brother) go on to become best friends.

i love how everything is so new to little ones.  crunching leaves was so fascinating!